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Text To Donate Instructions

Ballard Center is excited to announce we have launched a new and easy method to donate straight from your phone! Below are instructions on how to donate through a text message. Any questions? Email Evan Riggs, our communications director, at

  1. Text 785-264-5782 to get started! You can simply text the word donate, or you can text the number amount you want to donate. You will immediately receive a response with a link. Click that link!
  2. You will be prompted to select a payment method and amount.
  3. You will then fill out your payment information and email address.
  4. Submit your donation! You should then receive a thank you via text message and email from the Ballard Center.
  5. If you choose to donate via text message again in the future, all you have to do is text an amount to the same number, 785-264-5782, and the donation will be sent for that amount to Ballard!

The Ballard Center is so grateful for any support you can provide. Every donation we receive is a lifeline for families in need, and we hope you will consider donating on Giving Tuesday Now May 5.