Rev It Up Hot Rod Street Fest

Rev it Up 2021 – Lucky 13 Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out and partied with us at the Rev it Up Hot Rod Street Fest, a benefit for the Ballard Center hosted by Michelle and Steve Chronister. In addition to being car enthusiasts, these two are long-time Ballard supporters and we are so lucky that they choose to support us in such a fun way! They definitely know how to throw a good party, and if you were able to come out to South Park, we hope you had a great time at the 13th annual Hot Rod Hullabaloo. Over 3,000 people joined us to enjoy the good food, music, weather, and – most importantly – the 314 registered vehicles! Thank you to everyone who participated because together we raised $18,442 for the Ballard Center! Check out the newsletter for a recap of the event!

Be sure to save the date for Rev It Up 2022!

Rev It Up Save The Date October 1, 2022

We also want to thank our wonderful sponsors and the many volunteers for contributing to this event!

Rev It Up Sponsor list
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