Host a Pantry Drive!

Many people in Douglas County need nonperishable food, basic personal care items and clothing. Your business, social organization, or other group can help the Ballard Center support these vital needs by hosting a drive to fill our free Pantry.

Hosting a Pantry drive is easy and fun – and everything you collect will go to individuals and families in need, right here in Douglas County!

How It Works

Thinking about hosting a Pantry drive? The Ballard Center makes it simple! Here’s how a Pantry drive works:
  1. You contact the Ballard Center’s Family Stabilization Team at 785-842-0729 or [email protected] to express your interest in hosting a drive.
  2. The Ballard Center’s Family Stabilization Team works with you to choose a drive focus that fits your passion. Are you a dental office? You can collect toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and toothbrushes. Want to help children stay warm in the winter? You can collect kids’ coats. Want to keep it more general? You can collect nonperishable food and/or personal care items.
  3. The Family Stabilization Team coordinates a drive timeframe with you. Most Pantry drives last one calendar month and are planned at least two weeks in advance.
  4. On or before the first date of the drive, the Family Stabilization Team drops off a donation barrel at your location. The Team also provides you with everything you need to promote the drive, including flyers and templates you can use in emails and social media.
  5. A Ballard Center barrel should never be empty! We ask that your organization kick off the collection process by donating at least $50 of items on the first date of the drive. Of course, we won’t object if you want to donate more!
  6. On the first day of the drive, the Ballard Center announces the drive on our social media. We’ll continue to express our heartfelt gratitude to your organization throughout the month!
  7. At the conclusion of the drive, the Family Stabilization Team picks up the donation barrel—no matter how heavy. We encourage you to give the Team a workout by filling the barrel to the top!
Get Started
Ready to get started, or have additional questions? Contact us at 785-842-0729 or email below.

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