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Holiday Bureau

Adopt-A- Family


“There is no greater joy, nor greater reward, than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life”

Ballard is proud to be one of the local nonprofits that donates resources to match families in need to donors for Holiday gifts and we are grateful for our communities’ support of our collaborative Adopt-A-Family program.

Holiday Bureau Family Intake will begin on October 26th and run thru Nov 10th. . It will be virtual. No in person intakes will be allowed. More information to follow. 


  • If you would like to adopt a family, please email Becky
  • The cost of gifts per person are estimated conservatively at $75.00. Once you’ve identified your budget, please let me know how many individuals you are able to purchase gifts for and we will find the right family or families to fit within your budget.

Each family is assigned an ID code as well as the age, sex, and specific holiday gift requests. If clothing is requested, the size will be included. Volunteers assisted Ballard staff with family intake this year and were encouraged to ask for specific styles preferences and descriptions to assist you in shopping for the gifts. So, once you receive info on the families you’ve adopted:

  • Purchase the gifts (each family member receives gifts estimated conservatively at $75 per person.  These are minimum requirements we set to provide consistency for our clients)
  • It is helpful if a gift receipt is included for easy exchange if the gift is the wrong size.
  • Wrap the items if possible or feel free to provide wrapping supplies to the parent.
  • If you are unable to find a specific gift, feel free to give a gift certificate.
  • Many donors include a gift certificate to a local grocery store so that families can purchase a Christmas meal.
  • Contact the family(s) you’ve been assigned to arrange drop off. (If you or family prefer you can use a public meeting place)


If you would like to donate this holiday season but are unable to take on a whole family, there are many other options available to you to still participate in this season of giving. Gift cards, bus passes, diapers, clothing are all welcome as donations to Ballard to be distributed to families who may not have had the opportunity to participate in the program this year but are still in need of support.


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