“Adopt A Family” Donor Information

Adoption Instructions:

If you would like to adopt a family or donate to the program, please email CEO, Becky Price at [email protected]. Please include the number of people you are able to adopt in the email to Becky – the cost of gifts per person are estimated conservatively at $75.

Donors will receive information on their assigned family including the ages, sexes, and specific holiday gift requests. If clothing is requested, the size will be included. Volunteers are assisting Ballard staff with family intake this year and were encouraged to ask for specific styles preferences and descriptions to assist you in shopping for the gifts.

What to do once you receive info on the family/families you’ve adopted:

  • Purchase the gifts – each child receives gifts estimated at $75 per person. These are minimum requirements we set to provide consistency for our clients.
  • It is helpful if a gift receipt is included for easy exchange if the gift is the wrong size.
  • This year we recommend that you DO NOT wrap the gifts, but feel free to provide wrapping supplies to the parent/guardian.
  • Please put the gifts and wrapping supplies in a trash bag for delivery (see delivery instructions below).
  • If you are unable to find a specific gift, feel free to give a gift certificate/card. Many donors include a gift certificate to a local grocery store so that families can purchase a Christmas meal.
  • Contact the family(s) you’ve been assigned to arrange drop off.
If you would like to donate this holiday season but are unable to take on a whole family, there are many other options available to you to still participate in this season of giving. Gift cards, bus passes, diapers, clothing are all welcome as donations to Ballard to be distributed to families who may not have had the opportunity to participate in the program this year but are still in need of support. For more tips and tricks, please see this document: PDF Adopt-a-family tips

Delivery Instructions:

Families prefer that gifts be delivered unwrapped to avoid duplications and give the parent the opportunity to assure the child receives their Santa request. Children who believe in Santa are often present when packages are picked up so, please be sure the gifts are not visible, we suggest placing them in a trash bag.

It is helpful if a gift receipt is included for easy exchange of the gift if needed. To assure receipts and gift certificates are not misplaced in the excitement of opening gifts, place them together in a separate envelope or box and clearly address it to the adult listed on the contact form. If a name was not given please write “For the Parent” or “For the Guardian”.

In addition to adopting families, many people chose to adopt a classroom. By choosing to adopt a classroom, you will be able to be help ensure a long-term, positive community impact by giving our kids the tools they need to graduate from Ballard and meet kindergarten readiness standards. Please consider securing some of the items from the Education wish lists to give our kids everything they need to succeed in school in 2023 and beyond.

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