Early Childhood Education

Ballard’s Early Childhood Program is committed to providing affordable quality education for children ages two through five in an early childhood educational setting. Ballard assists families in closing the gap between school and home by focusing on trauma-informed care with some on-site services.

Philosophy Statement:

The Ballard Center strongly believes in preparing our students to lead happy, productive lives socially, emotionally, and academically. Children who have skills in the social, emotional, and academic domains will find success when attending K-12 school as well as building and sustaining positive relationships as they grow older. Therefore, our curriculum will focus on evidence-based practices that align with the Kansas Early Learning Standards. We will focus on pre-K readiness skills in literacy and math as well as immersing our students in quality read aloud literature and hands on activities to engage their minds to explore and be curious about the world around them. The classroom daily schedules will reflect our focus on integrated units as well as time for direct instruction in literacy and math skills for the preschool student.


To provide a caring and nurturing learning environment so that each child will reach their potential and have the necessary skills to be successful in kindergarten.

In accordance with our philosophy statement and mission, our program focuses on:

  • Caring, dedicated teachers that create learning experiences focusing on the individual child and promote creative intellectual expression.
  • Creating an environment where each child is treated with dignity and respect and has the opportunity to grow and learn at his or her individual pace.
  • Supporting children by emphasizing the context of family, culture, community and society.

If you would like to volunteer with our Early Childhood Education Program, please complete the Volunteer Interest Form on the volunteer page.