Community Service Tax Credit Program

We are excited to announce that the Ballard Center has been awarded valuable tax credits in the amount of $168,932.00! The Community Service Tax Credit Program provides non-profit organizations like the Ballard Center an opportunity to undertake major building renovation projects. The State of Kansas authorizes selected non-profit organizations to offer tax credits to donors making contributions to the approved projects.

How do tax credits work for Ballard Center donors?

When, for example, an individual or business pledges $5,000, they will receive a 50% tax credit, or $2,500. If their Kansas income tax bill for 2021 is $1,000, they can use the $2,500 tax credit to pay the tax bill and receive a $1,500 refund back from the tax credit. (The $1,500 is considered income.) The minimum amount that can be donated is $250.

Once awarded, a tax credit certificate will be issued to the Ballard Center through the Kansas Department of Revenue. Ballard will ensure you are provided the certificate for your annual tax reporting. The Ballard Center will be able to offer tax credits for qualified contributions between July 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022.

How will the Ballard Center use tax credits?

Tax credits will be used to pay for one-time renovations and maintenance projects to keep our 106-year-old building operating for years to come. Specific projects include replacement of furnaces and air conditioners, replacement of ramp with a more accessible modern lift system, new roof, renovation of unfinished basement and kitchen renovation with new counters, floor, and cabinets.

The Ballard Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to partner with families to achieve stability and self-sufficiency through early childhood education and all encompassing, needs based support services. We are committed to serve the most vulnerable population in Douglas County by preparing at-risk children for kindergarten in a safe and loving environment, and by supporting families in crisis and helping them move to self-sufficiency with our multiple pantries, rent and utility assistance, and other crisis funding such as therapy, attorneys, and vehicle repairs.

Although the Ballard Center has been in existence for decades, the Center’s leadership, programming and overall staffing has changed dramatically in the last five years. Staff & board members have worked hard to overcome a significant budget deficit and organizational challenges related to the operational costs sustaining the Ballard Center and Penn House, another local non- profit that provided safety-net services. We are proud to have greatly improved Ballard Centers financial outlook by integrating the former Penn House services and staff under one roof at Ballard.

Multiple transitions and combining staff into one facility have resulted in a sizable amount of deferred maintenance that has accrued for the 106-year-old building the Ballard Center calls home. Funds secured through Tax Credits will assist the staff and leadership to take the next step in its efforts to create a safe, peaceful, and inspiring space for early education learning, conducting the wrap-around services offered to community members in need, and encouraging all Douglas County residents to achieve family stability. Our building is the heartbeat of the Ballard Center. And your contribution to the tax-credit program will ensure our heartbeat stays strong.

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