Changing Lives Gala

Thank you for changing lives!

On August 13th 2021, supporters convened at the Jayhawk Club to learn more about the services of Ballard Center at the 5th Annual Ballard Changing Lives Gala. They applauded the success of two Ballard families, and maybe even shed a tear as their touching stories were shared. Emcee Deja Brooks eloquently detailed the importance of supporting Ballard’s mission with a flare and fabulousness only Deja can provide, CEO Becky Price paid tribute to one of Ballard’s greatest supporters, Teresa Treanor, and Lauren Ostrow sang a song in her mother Teresa’s honor. The evening was powerful, emotional, and beautiful. The vulnerability, resilience, and empowerment shared on the stage was as a testament to what can happen when we all come together and fight for our community as one, one family, the Ballard family.

In turn, our guests heard the call to change lives and responded by supporting the most vulnerable in our community. The donation paddles were raised, and raised high. The support in the room blew away Ballard staff. We left the evening feeling such gratitude towards the Lawrence Community. All of you really stepped up and proved to us once again that kindness and compassion are very real, you just have to know where to find it. Lawrence, KS is one of those places, a place with kindness, compassion, and advocacy in spades. Thank you all.

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