young boy at a playground jumping in the air with his arms out. there is blue playground mulch around him
June 5, 2020

New Playground Mulch!

Our playground revamp is done! Today we received, unloaded, and spread 46,000 POUNDS of high grade shredded rubber playground mulch! This material has an average life expectancy of 20 years!!!! This will save us the cost of replacing our wood mulch every year. First and foremost, we have to thank Greg Gardner. He did 100% of the logistics for this grant and most of the physical labor. We also want to thank our partners at Bohmann Excavating Inc, Lawrence Landscape Inc., and Rooster Rubber, LLC. We’re also so thankful for our volunteers from Rock Hill Church, Michelle Chronister, and Xavier Kenny as well as Ballard employees Julia and Amanda. Thanks to Lawrence Ks Community & Police Scanner for the aerial video!

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