Ballard Center open for enrollment

Become part of the Ballard Center family!

We are currently recruiting students for our early childhood education program, ages 2-5. Our caring and dedicated teachers, who combine for 37 years of experience, create an environment where each child is treated with dignity and respect and can grow at his or her own pace.

Ballard is offering a discount of 10%, applicable to first responders, nurses, and teachers. We also already offer the lowest tuition in Douglas County!

At the Ballard Center, we embrace diversity and inclusion, and we believe all of our children should be awarded the same opportunities to thrive as they prepare for kindergarten. Our classrooms employ a trauma-informed curriculum in addition to arts and crafts, hands-on learning sessions, problem-solving and responsive listening, and social skills development.

In addition to our wonderful classroom teachers, we also offer a social-emotional teacher. Our social-emotional teacher enters each of our four classrooms once per day to teach a lesson that is trauma-informed and focuses on big feelings.

We will provide your child with two meals and one snack per day!

Ballard families also get access to our wrap-around emergency services, which includes access to food, clothing, diapers, and household goods, as well as rent and utility assistance. Furthermore, Ballard is part of a larger network of nonprofits helping individuals to achieve financial stability.

We don’t just take care of your children at the Ballard Center. We take care of the whole family.

You can find classroom descriptions, enrollment forms, and family services on our website. If you want more information on our organization, please look at our 2019 Annual Report.

If you have any questions, email [email protected].